What's the Meaning of Marriage?

It's been ages since I last wrote here, well not ages, but you know what I mean. Happy 2014 to all my readers out there, may this year bring you good things.

It's 4:38 am right now and I just couldn't sleep. There's something that's been bothering me for awhile. First of all, I consider myself open minded, but no matter how I twist and turn around this I can't seem to find a way to accept it. I know a lot of people would disagree with me on this and will tell me that times have changed but still it isn't enough.

So here is the thing, lately I've been seeing an outbreak on young girls getting pregnant unplanned. Is not even funny anymore that when someone is going to tell me something about somebody I automatically think that she's pregnant. I know it's not my business if they get pregnant, but bare with me and just hear me out. The thing that saddens me is that the old tradition of marriages is fading. Couples are getting pregnant before making their vows. Now hold your thought right there, there is no excuse that having a wedding is expensive because there are ways to make a cheap and beautiful wedding; like: lots of d.i.y, having a small wedding with only the most important people, not spending so much on a dress you are going to use just one night, etc. Babies don't come cheap either. Do you know how expensive diapers can be and considering a baby uses like 4 or more diapers a day approximately? Anyways, for me, marriage means getting to live together, the thrill and scary experience of spending that first night together consuming their love for each other, creating a family and making that promise to stay with each other until death. I mean, how beautiful is that? It saddens me because young people are led by their sexual desires or group pressure. I don't believe the typical story of every girl that's only been in a relationship for a month and already says that he's the love of her life and blah blah. Don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend with all my heart, but I still don't know if we are going to be together forever. A lot of things can happen in a relationship. You have to be realistic.

So what's the meaning of getting married if you are already pregnant and have lived together? In the end, after you take away all the special meaning it is left with only a "party" and parties can be done anytime.
I'm guessing that sex becomes kind of an addiction because they say that the first month or so of marriage is like being bunnies. So why try one time just to "experiment" if you just can hold yourself for the wedding night? It's easier. It's like drugs, once you've tried it once, you are hooked; or so I've been told. I mean, come on, we are human not animals that can't control themselves. I've heard of the saying "you have to test the waters before jumping in" (I think it's something like that) and I think it's bullshit, because at the end of the day you stay with a person because you love them not because of their "sexual abilities". You can find sex anywhere, but you can't find love that easy.

And ladies, if your boyfriend is pressuring you to have sex with you 99.8% of the time he isn't going to stay in the long run with you. Like we puertorricans say: "solo quiere un canto", that translates to "he just wants a piece of you" and once he got what he wanted he can leave.We women have to learn to respect ourselves so men can respect us. If you want to save yourself for marriage, it's nothing to be ashamed of and you should be proud to be a virgin. It's not a competition or a price, it's your body and you are the only one that makes the decisions. There are more important things than sex. To me, is just not worth it having sex out of marriage when a lot of things can go wrong. And if for some reason your hormones are driving you crazy and you desire to have sex but still wish to save yourself for marriage, avoid being completely alone with him and/or stop yourself, take a step back and say "no". Your hormones will eventually calm down and you can go on with life.

I don't hate kids or anything, I actually like them and in a future would like to have at least two. The things that I want to get across are:
1. Respect: we should respect ourselves by not giving something so precious as our body to someone that you don't know if they would be with you forever
2. Well-being of the baby: ensuring that the baby will have a good life and stable home
I mention the second one because I've seen so many news, programs, and in my surroundings, kids that should be having a better life but aren't because their parents weren't ready to have a baby.

Babies are something that should be planned ahead, because you need to make sure that you can provide them with all the things they need: stable home, love, care, medical, food, clothes, bed, etc. It's a big decision. One of the big things that a couple should analyze is if they are mature enough to raise a child, because when the parents still need some growing up to do and the baby isn't raised right, when he/she gets older he/she will cause problems. It should be parents raising kids not kids raising kids.

I'm getting sleepy and maybe that means I cleared out my head with all of this. I just kinda felt a need to share to the world and see if someone will agree with me on this.

I want to leave a link here on cheap beautiful wedding ideas, if you guys want to check it out -> Intimate Weddings

I want to hear your comments or perspective on marriage, maybe you guys will make me understand this phenomenon better. Don't know, I always think that with communication we can solve things.

On that note, I'm off to sleep. Goodnight readers!


Handmade: Doctor Who Tardis

It's been a very looong time since I last posted something here. I'm still alive and well. I'm spend more time on Tumblr and now that I've started university (yes, I finally started :D) life's kinda hectic. But, I'm finally posting something for you guys and it's another of my creations. Heh! Enjoy, my boring and long explanation.

I've recently entered into the fandom world of Sherlock and Doctor Who and I absolutely love them. I'm more obsessed with Sherlock since I already finished the series (well, until 2013). With Doctor Who I like it so far, I'm only finishing the first season with the ninth doctor so I haven't seen much I still have a lot more episodes ahead.

Every time I finish a series or drama I always want to make something handmade to remind me of it. When I finished Sherlock I went searching for something to recreate, but sadly I still haven't found something I absolutely wanted. Because what I really wanted was a plush of Sherlock and Watson, but I'm very bad at making plushies, maybe sometime in the future I'll get better at it.

Anyway, moving forward...

Last night I got the idea to recreate the Doctor Who tardis. And tadda!, it turned out better than I expected it.

*The lantern glows very faintly. I wanted to capture it in a photo but the light is so faint that it wasn't visible. So, I just placed it beneath a desk lantern to create the effect of glowing.

"How I made it": 
    I used materials I had already in my home, I didn't go out to buy anything. The main material is the mini Popsicle sticks that is basically what the box is made of. I measured and cut the round edge of the Popsicle sticks. I ended up getting air bubbles in my fingers because I used a wire cutter for this, yeah I know it was stupid of me, but I didn't have a wood cutter or something similar. For support, inside of the box, I used the cardboard that comes inside a toilet paper roll. Cut it in rectangular strips and glue them to the walls. I used contact cement to glue it all, but I think it's best if you use wood glue. To avoid the gap between each Popsicle stick from being visible, using liquid gesso, I glued a sheet of toilet paper on top of each wall, floor and ceiling. To do this, just paint a layer of liquid gesso on the Popsicle wall and while it's still wet stick the toilet paper sheet on top (carefully to avoid wrinkles) and on top of the toilet paper paint another layer of liquid gesso. For the lantern on top, I found a little tube that comes with nail art paintbrushes, those very fine paintbrushes to paint works of art on nails, well those specific kind of brushes come with a small plastic cylinder that is used to protect the brush to avoid it from getting damaged. I cut it to the height I wanted it. Using polymer clay, I made the bottom and the top of the lantern. For inside the lantern, I had that plastic string, that girls use to make bracelets, in glow-in-the-dark. I cut it in little itty bitty pieces and filled the plastic cylinder with it. For the coil around the cylinder, I just cut and twisted a bobby pin. And the paint, I used regular acrylic paint that you can find in any craft store. All the details are hand painted. 

I always think about doing a full tutorial before I'm going to make something handmade, but (1) I end up forgetting or I remember when I'm already through the middle of the process, (2) I think, what if it doesn't turn out like you expect it or it's a complete failure? or (3) It's more time consuming taking photos while working. So, in conclusion I never end up doing a tutorial but someday I hope I can make one for you guys. Be it a video or s step-by-step photo tutorial. 

That is all for this post. Hope you guys enjoyed it and got inspired to create something with materials found around the house. 

Share with me: Do you also like to own or make something to remind you of that special series, drama, book, movie or video game you love so much? If so, what is it and what series, drama, book... is it from?

Adiós y Buenas Noches! (Bye and Goodnight!)

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I miss...

I miss the excitement of reading a new book. Opening a new book and hearing the sound of the pages turning. The smell of a new book. Being sucked into a new world. Wasting hours just reading. The feel of the pages against my fingers. Crying and laughing with the characters of the story. Learning magic, survival skills, and exploring new places. Yelling and getting anxious in the right parts. Meeting new friends. Having the most wondrous of adventures. I miss buying a whole stack of books and being anxious to read them all. Staying up late into the night just because I can’t bring myself to close the book. I just miss holding a book with a new adventure waiting for me inside.

The Hunger Games!

I had read The Hunger Games trilogy long before they announced they where making it into a movie, so of course I was super excited when I found out a movie adaptation was on the way. Whenever they adapt movies from books me and my sister have read (we are book geeks), we go and see the movie the same day it premieres. In our case, Thursdays. One of the plus Puerto Rico has is that movie premieres are on Thursdays instead of Friday. But the only downfall is that some movies that are not highly anticipated don't come to PR or it comes out 2 or 3 weeks after. Yesterday was finally the day we would be able to see one of our favorite books come to life. We bought the tickets the day before, just because we have had experiences were they are sold out the same day. I went with my Katniss braid, because I wanted to have something that represented the movie or books in a way.

My outfit for that day and of course my Katniss braid.

When we got to the cinema I expected it to be a line waiting to go inside, but I found nothing compared to that. In reality, there was no line to go in. There where only a group of little kids in line to see The Lorax. But, no Hunger Games fans in site. Oh well! *sigh* :( We took our seats in the nearly empty cinema room. Gladly a group of fans sat behind us. Yay! One of the girls had also the Katniss braid and others had the mocking jay pin. Finally some awesome peeps! The movie started at 1:55pm, but because of all the commercials and trailers it ended up starting at about 2:30pm. I was beginning to get anxious. The lights dimmed and it was showtime. The music started playing and all emotions exploded. I couldn't contain myself; I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream and I wanted to jump out of my seat in excitement for what awaited me.

The movie was beyond my expectations. It was really a true adaptation of the book, even thought the director did some changes and omitted others it wasn't anything mayor or super important. First of all, Josh was so perfect, he absolutely did an amazing job portraying Peeta. He captivated my heart in some ways I didn't thought it was possible. Jennifer was the perfect  Katniss, he was the kick-ass girl I would love to see more on movies, the non-girly type, the girl who fights to defend her loved ones no matter the cost. I also love her off screen, she's so random and giddy. Lenny was marvelous as Cinna, he made the character more lovable than he already was and that gold eye shadow, spectacular. Woody was also very good as Haymitch. Elizabeth made Effie shine; her voice and her acting was just so perfect. And her clothes, out of this world. Stanley the perfect Caesar. We's accent and that Seneca's beard was so spectacular. I mean, that beard has it's own Facebook page. It was incredible. All in all the cast was perfect. Except I would have chosen somebody else for the role of Gale, but oh well he doesn't appear that much.

(Spoilers beyond this point!)


Tutorial: Easy Peanut Butter Cups with a Twist

Whenever I get an urge to eat a peanut butter cup I get my melting chocolate and my crunchy peanut butter out and prepare it. It is super easy to make peanut butter cups in your home. It takes less than 15min. And the ingredients are easy to find. This time, when I made them I kept picturing cinnamon and chocolate together. So, I added a tiny bit of cinnamon on each cup. It tasted actually pretty good.

I suck taking photos!
The original peanut butter cups has the peanut butter wrapped in chocolate, but in my version I prefer to have the peanut butter and chocolate mixed together. I like to mix it in because it's less time consuming and I like the even distribution of the ingredients and you taste them both in each bite.

Because I didn't have enough milk chocolate I had to complete it with white chocolate. There isn't really that much of a difference of taste between the two, but a lot of people prefer milk chocolate over the white (including me). So you tell me, which chocolate is your favorite, milk or white?

Originally they are more milk chocolate colored but because of the white chocolate
they came out more peanut buttery colored.

Cinnamon Peanut Butter Cups


  • Melting chocolate (milk, white or whichever you prefer)
  • Crunchy peanut butter (I used Skippy)
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Cupcake pan
  • Cupcake liners
  • Spoons
  • Microwave safe bowl
  1. Start by melting the chocolate in microwave safe bowl in 10sec intervals. Mix between each 10sec to ensure proper melting.
  2. After you have all your chocolate melted, take big spoonfuls of peanut butter and mix it in the chocolate. I usually mix in a little less peanut butter than chocolate. Mix it until you see the peanuts evenly distributed.
  3. Take your cupcake liners and insert them in your cupcake pan. Pour onto each cupcake liner. You can fill them to the top and have a very big peanut butter or just coat the bottom of the liner to make a  thin peanut butter cup. I usually just coat the bottom, I have never filled it to the top. But, me my guest and fill it and see how it turns out; I mean it's chocolate eventually its going to harden and it's not going to taste any different.
  4. Move the pan around so the mixture levels. 
  5. Sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon onto each cup. You can always mix it into the mixture before pouring into the liners. 
  6. Place on fridge and wait until it hardens. 
  7. Enjoy!

Tell me your thoughts I want to hear them. Would you add more cinnamon or do you prefer it without the cinnamon? Would you try and make them? Any questions? Ask me on the comments and I will try and help.

Until next time!
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