Kigurumi Pajamas: What's that?

Kigurumi is the Japanese name for performers who wear a costume that represent a cartoon character, often animals. The kirugumi pajamas are a simple version of this costumes, they are made of a thin fabric and it literally covers your entire body except your face. Each one has a hood or cap that serves as the animals face but it does not cover the wearers face. This does not function as a performance costume; it is only Japanese street fashion. There are so cute and they look so comfy, but I won't be buying one anytime soon. Because firstly no one where I live wears them (I know no one has no originality and fashion is very boring over here) and secondly if I ever buy one I would use it literally as a pajama, but I would probably die of a heat stroke. In Puerto Rico there is no such thing as a cold christmas weather. I would really love to live in Japan because you can wear whatever you like and no one would judge you, they make life more fun even though they spend a lot of time studying. Here are some examples of a kigurumi pajama:

If you want to buy one, here is an online shop that sell only kigurumi -> Kigurumi-shop.


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