New Year's YesStyle Haul!

Today, I received my YesStyle purchase! It shipped in 4-5 days. YesStyle.com  is a store that sells Asian clothes, beauty, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and bags for very good prices. They also have a store located in San Francisco, California. Ordering from the online store is completely safe. This is my second purchase from them, and I have nothing negative to say about their service. The products ship very fast and in great conditions. I don't know if everyone receives their packages from DHL, but all the times I have ordered from YS they are the ones to deliver my package. So, there is no problem of the mailer jamming the package in my small mailbox and damaging the products. All their products come inside a white rectangular box and the shoes come in a gray pull-string bag.

YesStyle is currently having their annual sale with up to 80% off (ends on Jan 30, 2012) Only selected items are on sale; there are some pretty good things. The only thing that I find kind of difficult is determining my clothing and shoe size, because it sells Asian clothes the sizes run a little smaller. Well, in my case it's the shoes that run a little small, so far. The first item I purchased from them were a pair of some converse like shoes with cute drawings (mine had piggies on the side), because it was my first time buying shoes online I used my original Converse Chuck Taylor All-stars high-top shoes to determine the size; I'm size 7 US, so according to my Converse shoe box that is size 38 in Europe (the majority of the shoe available come in Europe size). That time I ended up buying the sneaker 38 Europe, but when I got to try it on it fit too exact, I could feel my big toe pressed against the front of the shoe. I didn't end up returning them even though they accept returns because of size, defects, exchange or because you just don't want it. I used the shoes until my feet grow a cm or so, I don't know it just became uncomfortable to wear. Because of that, this time I ended up buying one size bigger (39 Europe) and it was just right. I bought this Nongli deck shoes in pink for $22.40 (they were on sale), they are very comfortable and are not slippery because the outsole is made of rubber. And they are cute too! ;)

Clothing so far, I think is the more difficult in terms of size and fit. They sell a lot of one size clothing, because it doesn't really give us a clue how big a one size is they always have the product measurements in the product information. They also provide material & care information and a couple of photos with details of the product you're buying. One time I bought a bear hoodie sweater on eBay, I think it was also one size. I somewhat measured a sweater I had and I bought it thinking it would fit me. But, when I tried it on there were several things wrong with it: the arms where too short for me and the neck hole was also a bit small. It was kind of a hassle taking off the sweater because it didn't have a zipper and it was pull on. So, this time I bought clothing from Asia I avoided three things: long sleeves, tight tops, and small neck holes. I got this 59 Seconds floral top for $8.80 (also on sale), it was a little bit large for me, but right now I'm liking oversize tops, so it worked for me. Again it wasn't too large, nothing a belt couldn't fix. Just see for yourselves:

No belt!
Again, no belt!

With belt! Sorry for my seriousness, I forgot to smile :)
You can also use this top as a dress!

All in all, I'm very pleased with YesStyle. Happy shopping and also a Happy New Year (better late then never, right!?)

P.S. YesStyle ships worldwide :)
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