Kigurumi Pajamas: What's that?

Kigurumi is the Japanese name for performers who wear a costume that represent a cartoon character, often animals. The kirugumi pajamas are a simple version of this costumes, they are made of a thin fabric and it literally covers your entire body except your face. Each one has a hood or cap that serves as the animals face but it does not cover the wearers face. This does not function as a performance costume; it is only Japanese street fashion. There are so cute and they look so comfy, but I won't be buying one anytime soon. Because firstly no one where I live wears them (I know no one has no originality and fashion is very boring over here) and secondly if I ever buy one I would use it literally as a pajama, but I would probably die of a heat stroke. In Puerto Rico there is no such thing as a cold christmas weather. I would really love to live in Japan because you can wear whatever you like and no one would judge you, they make life more fun even though they spend a lot of time studying. Here are some examples of a kigurumi pajama:

If you want to buy one, here is an online shop that sell only kigurumi -> Kigurumi-shop.

A song for a bright sunny day!

This song is from the opening of the Japanese drama Zenkai Girl. It's a great song to wake up to. Here are the lyrics in romaji; sadly I couldn't find them in English:

Asa no hikari wa shizuka ni
Namanurui kaze dake agaru
Chiisa na negai wo nosete
Meguru jidai no naka

Kireigoto nante
Itteru baai ja nai kara
Ima, kono jikan wo tsukande
Sou mirai wo aishitai no

Kono koi no hajimari wa
Kimi to deatta hi no
Mitsumeatta shunkan ni
Umarete itan darou

Kimi no hitoni ni itsu shika
Shidai ni kokoro ubawarete
Na no ni mada aimai na taido
Wakaranai furi wo shite

Furitsuzuku ame ni
Sashikomu hikari no you ni sotto
Ai wo oboeta kokoro wa
Sou mirai he tsunagaru no

Metta ni suki da nante
Ieinai keredo 
Osaekirenai hodo ni
Aishihajimete ita

Ano nanigenai kimi no kotoba
Sore wa mahou ga kakatta you ni
Kirakira shite wa
Boku wo michibiite yuku

Kono saki ni aru hibi ga
Nani yori no kiseki datte
Mitsumeatta yukeru you ni
Arukihajimete yuku


Kono koi no hajimari wa 
Kimi to deatta hi no
Mitsumeatta shunkan ni
Umarete itan darou

Kono koi no hajimari wa
Mitsumeatta shunkan ni

Lullatone: Whimsical music!

Lullatone is a popular music group based in Nagoya, Japan, whose music is characterized by an innocent, child-like quality and spare, lo-fi sounds. (so it says on wikipedia.com ;P) When I hear of songs like this I think of a breeze of fresh air, riding your car through a green field with the windows rolled down and the wind in your hair, riding a bike through a neighborhood, watching drops of rain hit a glass window, sitting under a tree while hearing the birds singing, laughing out loud, flying a kite with your love ones, taking a walk in the morning with your hands in your pockets, reading in a cafe, etc. Just really cute quirky songs that makes you forget the bad things <3!

Oh, and thanks to Hello Sandwich (Go check out her amazingly cute crafts) for posting about them on her blog. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have known about this music group. So, thanks! :) Click Lullatone for more about them and their new album. 

Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures


Review: Warby Parker Eyeglasses!!!

So, a week ago I ordered a pair of glasses from Warby Parker. I received them very quickly, about a week after. They came in a little rectangular box. The case was a little big than normal because of the size of the glasses; nerd size ;). But it has kind of a plushy soft texture, I kind of like. The eyeglasses are absolutely comfortable and cute. They are of good quality. So far I haven't gotten any problem whatsoever with them. I love them. The Warby Parker people were very friendly. The price of every frame, including anti-reflective prescription lenses, is $95. They also sell the frames with non-prescription lenses. All of their eye wear are vintage inspired.  And, also a plus from them, is that when you buy a pair of their eyeglasses they donate one to someone in need. So you get a beautiful pair of eyeglasses for a very reasonable price and you also give back. So that's very good! The only thing I have trouble with was choosing which one I wanted, because they are so many cute and similar ones. I really recommend them. And there's no doubt that my next eyeglasses will be from them.

This frame is called Crosby. It's one of their widest frames.

And this is how they look
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