Tutorial: Cute ways to wear a man's shirt

The other day I was watching tutorial videos on YouTube and I saw this video with the title "How a Girl Should Put a Man's Shirt", I clicked on it and was left fascinated. I have always found beautiful how a woman could turn man's clothing into something cute and chic. I want to buy a boy's t-shirt and wear it as a dress, and now that I've seen this I also want to buy a man's shirt to try all this beautiful looks. If I had a boyfriend, of course I would ask him to lend me one of his. ;) Sure there are countless of tutorials for wearing man's shirt but most of them require to cut and sew. Anyway, I thought I would share this with you girls so you can also try this looks. I'm posting the video below, but I also decided to take some screenshots of the steps and final looks in case they delete the video from YouTube, because so many times I have discovered so many amazing videos and when I go searching for them again I find that they have been deleted or the user has erased the account. By taking the screenshots I am in no way taking credit for it; all credit goes to the person who uploaded the video. Here is the video:

And here is the tutorial illustrated in images and briefly explained by me.
Note: the left sleeve should be bent down when you wrap the right one around it.

This is how the back is tied. 

As soon as I learn how she tied the bow I'll update. :)


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