The Hunger Games!

I had read The Hunger Games trilogy long before they announced they where making it into a movie, so of course I was super excited when I found out a movie adaptation was on the way. Whenever they adapt movies from books me and my sister have read (we are book geeks), we go and see the movie the same day it premieres. In our case, Thursdays. One of the plus Puerto Rico has is that movie premieres are on Thursdays instead of Friday. But the only downfall is that some movies that are not highly anticipated don't come to PR or it comes out 2 or 3 weeks after. Yesterday was finally the day we would be able to see one of our favorite books come to life. We bought the tickets the day before, just because we have had experiences were they are sold out the same day. I went with my Katniss braid, because I wanted to have something that represented the movie or books in a way.

My outfit for that day and of course my Katniss braid.

When we got to the cinema I expected it to be a line waiting to go inside, but I found nothing compared to that. In reality, there was no line to go in. There where only a group of little kids in line to see The Lorax. But, no Hunger Games fans in site. Oh well! *sigh* :( We took our seats in the nearly empty cinema room. Gladly a group of fans sat behind us. Yay! One of the girls had also the Katniss braid and others had the mocking jay pin. Finally some awesome peeps! The movie started at 1:55pm, but because of all the commercials and trailers it ended up starting at about 2:30pm. I was beginning to get anxious. The lights dimmed and it was showtime. The music started playing and all emotions exploded. I couldn't contain myself; I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream and I wanted to jump out of my seat in excitement for what awaited me.

The movie was beyond my expectations. It was really a true adaptation of the book, even thought the director did some changes and omitted others it wasn't anything mayor or super important. First of all, Josh was so perfect, he absolutely did an amazing job portraying Peeta. He captivated my heart in some ways I didn't thought it was possible. Jennifer was the perfect  Katniss, he was the kick-ass girl I would love to see more on movies, the non-girly type, the girl who fights to defend her loved ones no matter the cost. I also love her off screen, she's so random and giddy. Lenny was marvelous as Cinna, he made the character more lovable than he already was and that gold eye shadow, spectacular. Woody was also very good as Haymitch. Elizabeth made Effie shine; her voice and her acting was just so perfect. And her clothes, out of this world. Stanley the perfect Caesar. We's accent and that Seneca's beard was so spectacular. I mean, that beard has it's own Facebook page. It was incredible. All in all the cast was perfect. Except I would have chosen somebody else for the role of Gale, but oh well he doesn't appear that much.

(Spoilers beyond this point!)

I loved how the director decided to explain everything that was happening in the arena and the little movie explaining a somewhat summarized events that led to the annual Hunger Games. I got anxious on the countdown in the part when Katniss was about to go into the platform and into the Hunger Games arena. I was getting all worked up. Rue's death was so beautiful and touching. They way Katniss decorated her with the flowers as she did on the book, when they showed Rue's father and District 11 in chaos and Katniss screaming and crying while cleaning blood out of her knuckles. Of course, there where some stray tears. Peeta's camouflage was so perfectly made, I had to look twice before I saw him. When Peeta throwed that giant weight across the room in the training arena; Oh those muscles!!! The Capitol's fashion was spectacular without being over the top or ridiculous. Peeta doesn't lose his leg like in the book. Hooray for that! I loved Katniss and Peeta's fire themed clothes. The only thing I would have liked is for more romance in the cave scene. Because that's the scene where their relationship begins to grow. Instead of the hugs we wanted more kisses. I hope there are deleted scenes. I also loved the way they showed the districts watching the televised event and when they showed Gale's face in the Katniss and Peeta's scenes.  Absolutely loved the movie. I give it two thumbs up! Definitely going to see it again.

Write your thought on the movie in the comments below. I would like to read them!

Bye for now and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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