Tutorial: Hair fabric scrunchies

This year I have set myself a goal to grow waist-long hair. I'm doing everything to prevent my hair from breaking so it will grow fast. I've been reading and looking for tips to take care of my hair and one of the things I found was that elastic hair ties can break your hair when you take them out. And that were the only hair ties I had. So, I went to 2 or 3 stores looking for soft fabric scrunchies (this are the best ones to prevent hair from breaking) and I either found them too expensive or ugly. So, I looked for tutorials on the internet and found various ones. And I made one. Here is how.


  • 2 strips of fabric 56cm x 5cm
  • 1 elastic 22cm long
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Fabric scissor
  1. Measure and cut two strip of fabric (56cm x 5cm)
  2. Place the right sides together and sew one side. Pin it so it won't move when sewing.
  3. Now that one side is sewn, fold the two end seams in about 1cm and pin them.
  4. Place the right sides together again and sew the other side.
  5. Turn the tube, right side out. Careful, you don't want to break the stitches. Just take your time. 
  6. Take the elastic, pin it on one end and pass it inside the tube to the other end.
  7. Take the two ends of the elastic and make a knot. Make sure you make it very tight, you don't want the elastic to loosen when your using the scrunchy. 
  8. Close the tube by placing one end inside the other end and stitching.
  9. All done, now you have your very own handmade scrunchy.
Now, you can make a bunch of scrunchies to fit your mood or your clothes. You can make them out of any fabric you have, even an old sweater just be sure it doesn't measures less than 56cm x 5cm. And best of all you can make them with whatever fabric you like without having to spend to much money. If you have thin or straight hair don't use silky fabrics because the scrunchy will fall right off. Hope this inspires you to make your own scrunchies. :)

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