I'm a mom

       I have been a mom of a cat for almost 5 years. He's my absolute treasure, I adore him. His mom was a stray cat that we had been feeding for a few days. We were suspicious she was pregnant because she was all warm and cuddly with us. Turns out we were right, because a few days later she came home with two little kittens. We fed them and they stayed close to home. Sadly, one Valentine's Day night we arrived home and one of the neighbors had run over one of the little kittens. I took him in my arms and cried like you can't imagine. He was still warm but it was too late, we couldn't save him. We buried him in our backyard with a little red ribbon bow tie. Since that night we were worried for the safety of the other kitten and his mom, so we decided to take them inside. Since that day the surviving little kitten has made my room his home. I named him Mota because he looked like a little white fuzz ball when he was little. He has always been the cuddly one out of the two kittens. He loves attention and when he was little he loved playing with people. He has this weird thing he does that he looks into your eyes like he's seeing your soul. Every time people talk badly about cat's behavior I tell them that they haven't met my cat. He has never been aggressive towards anyone, he's the sweetest cat.

Currently I'm working on building him a catio. A catio is basically an enclosed outdoor space for cats. It was made for cats to enjoy the outdoors without any of the dangers they can be exposed to if they are loose. It makes me sad that he has to be all the time inside my room, so I want him to enjoy some time outside. He loves staring out my window and gets excited when he sees a bird. I hope he learns to enjoy the space. I won't leave him out 24/7 because he is accustomed to sleeping with me, so at night I will bring him inside. 

P.S. Adopt animals instead of buying, there are too many animals on the street in need of a loving family. Search your local pet shelter and I promise you that at least one animal will take hold of your heart. Even though you have a perfect image of what animal you want, you may end up falling in love with another one. 


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